Year 6 Brilliant Club Graduation.

On Wednesday 28th April a group of Year 6 children graduated from The Brilliant Club. They took part in a virtual graduation hosted by the University of Cambridge and were joined by family members.

The event followed a traditional graduation ceremony starting with a welcome speech from the CEO of the Scholars Programme. The children then broke off into different rooms to receive their graduation certificates. During this session some of the children gave a brief speech explaining what they had achieved from taking part in the programme. The children had a wonderful afternoon.

Tenet (6W) – The Scholars Programme helped me to build confidence in myself. I learnt the differences between dictatorship, oligarchy and democracy. the most challenging part was writing the essay. Writing a 1000 word essay was a huge achievement. I put aside any doubts I had and completed it. The Brilliant Club was a great programme to take part in.

Shanicka (6W) – The one thing that was challenging for me was to write an essay up to 1000 words. I overcame this challenge by self motivating myself to write. I used the skills that Susan McLaren our tutor had taught me. My essay was based on voting, how Boris Johnson was elected and how parliament is run.

Congratulations to all who took part!