Year 5 – Body Percussion

Year 5 are working hard for their up coming performance at the Barbican in the foyer. They will be performing a piece for body percussion and ukulele.

The children used grid paper today to help them compose a pattern and align it to the correct part of the beat. We watched a video of J.S Bach’s Toccata and Fugue to inspire us.

The children said that the video “helped me understand that the notes lasted for different lengths and that this is called duration”, “I could see where the notes were going and that they were changing in pitch” and “I can now understand that music can be made up of repeated patterns”.

Have a look at the video and then look at our photos. Can you make up a pattern on paper at home? Can you show where different parts of the body would be on the paper going from low to high? Bring them to Mrs Teage if you have a go at home.