This week children across Year 5 took part in a cycle training programme called Bikeability. During the programme the children gained practical skills, understanding and confidence on how to cycle on our roads.

Here is what some of the children thought about taking part in the programme:

I enjoyed learning how to ride my bike safely on the road. I also enjoyed learning the different signals for turning left, right and how to stop. Lukas

During Bikeability on Tuesday I learnt how to indicate to cars that I was turning right or left. I also learnt how to ride on the road, getting into secondary position and how to go around parked cars. Our instructors showed us how to ride in groups which called the snake formation. Tamara

I really enjoyed the bike lessons. My favourite part was learning the snake formation. There are four rules to follow when doing the snake formation – space, no talking, no weaving and no over taking.  Jessie