Year 4 Play guitar

In Year 4 we have been exploring the magic of stringed instruments through the guitar.

Guitars are six stringed instruments which are played by our fingers either strumming (brushing) the strings, or plucking them(one at a time). The body of the guitar and the sound hole, provide a “resonance chamber”, or a foundation and space for the sound produced by the strings to vibrate, creating an acoustic (non-electronic) sound system.

The guitar is one of the world’s most famous instruments, and is often used to accompany rock, pop and folk songs. However, the guitar can also be used to play classical music, or to rock out an incredible solo riff in a rock song.

In Year 4, we started by learning the names of the strings on the guitar, and how to play the note ‘C’. We will soon be moving on to accompany some of our favourite songs.