This morning, 6F had a very exciting delivery waiting for them in class – ten copies of the Happy Newspaper. 6F entered their class in a competition and was one of the successful winners. We spent the morning exploring the pages which were filled with delightful articles, inspiring stories and some tasty recipes. What a wonderful surprise and way to wrap up the spring term!

IrfanI enjoyed the ‘Everyday Heroes’ section because it was about two parents called Lin and Alan who were struggling in life but still managed to keep their family safe and live an enjoyable life. 

Olive –  I liked reading about Luke, who is a professional dart player because he is inspiring to children like me. 

EuniceI really like how they mention Autism Acceptance Week and Palestine Children Relief Fund. It’s important to spread awareness about these important causes to everybody!

Spencer – I enjoyed the Adventure Heroes section because in your imagination you also can travel on fascinating adventures!

NathanI truly loved how the Secret Santa Club was giving away free cash to locals in need, and it is heart-warming how they care about people in need. 

StephanyI enjoyed reading about the Palestine Relief Fund because it makes us think about people in need.