Whole School Assembly

Yesterday at 11 o’clock an uncommon silence inhabited the classrooms, halls and corridors of our school. The sound of learning and laughter that usually reverberates around our buildings was absent. The whirr and fizz of collective minds ablaze with new learning was missing. But if you really listened hard you could just make out gasps of wonder, joy and amazment as the children, staff and friends of Monteagle enjoyed their biggest and best-ever achievement assembly in a capacious hall a kilometre down the road.

Jo Richardson Community School kindly hosted our first whole school assembly; a newly minted, annual tradition and big sister to our weekly achievement assemblies that see children from Year 1 to Year 6 sharing their learning with others in their school house.

It was a magnificent event.

Following a warm welcome from Mr. Smith, Jo Richardson’s headteacher, the children took it in turns to present their learning from across the term.








Children from our Nursery classes shared their interpretation of the Michael Rosen classic, ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’:



Children from our Reception classes told us all about their amazing term of learning and shared photos of some of their work:


Year 1 talked to us about their Context for learning this term ‘Toys through Time’ and gave us a virtual tour of the Toy Museum they’ve created in the Year 1 corridor:


Year 2 showed us some incredible footage from one of their trips this year and told us how this fitted with their learning about explorers (click the image below to see their video):


Year 3 brought the house down with a wonderful, traditional Greek dance that included the smashing of (paper) plates (click the image below to see their video):


Year 4 shared some breaking news from AD 60 (click the image below to see their video):


Year 5 took us back in time, exploring the different lives of rich and poor people across history in a spoken word performance:


And, Year 6 amazed us with their powerful writing based on their learning about WW1.


All in all a superb assembly that showcased the magnificent learning that took place this term and that is the day-to-day experience of children across the school.

Thank you to all at Jo Richardson school for making this assembly possible. And thank you to all the children and adults of Monteagle who made it such a special occasion.