Springtime is finally here, and we’re loving every minute of it at Nursery! We’re spending lots of time outside in our garden, playing and learning in the sunshine. The children have been having a wonderful time exploring the outdoors and running around in the fresh air.

Finishing Up “Knock Knock Who’s There”
This week we are finishing up our book “Knock Knock Who’s There” which the children have really enjoyed. We’ve been reading it together, talking about the story and characters, and doing some fun activities related to the book. The children have been practicing their knock knock jokes and making their own silly knock knock books. Starting a New Book Next Week
Next week we will be starting a brand new book that I’m sure the children will love. I’ll keep it a surprise for now, but I can tell you it’s a funny, engaging story with lots of opportunities for the children to join in and use their imagination. We’ll be reading the book together, doing arts and crafts projects, and having discussions about the themes and characters. I hope you’re all enjoying the lovely weather too and getting a chance to spend time outdoors.