Chocolate Experience

This week we had a fantastic chocolate experience. A special visitor came to help teach us about the journey of a coacao bean becoming chocolate. We had the opportunity to feel and smell a real cacao bean as well as taste a cacao nib, which it what the beans get ground into. It tasted very bitter.

Then came the particularly fun part: tasting chocolate. We tasted chocolate with high quality coco butter as well as low quality chocolate that used different fats. Some of us actually preferred to low quality one, perhaps because it had more sugar in!

We then tried finding hidden flavours that were infused into chocolate. We were able to spot lime, ginger, chilli and orange, all with just our taste buds!

Finally, we had a great time (and got really messy) making our own chocolate truffles using different types of chocolate ganash (chocolate mixed with cream). We rolled it into balls then coated them with sprinkles. The best part was of course eating the truffles!