Welcome back to our weekly #WakeUpWednesday Online Safety post where each week you will find a guide on a topical Online Safety issue.

This week’s guide explores the immensely successful game, Palworld, detailing the risks it may pose to younger players and offering advice on how to let them enjoy this title safely.

Released in January 2024, Palworld took the gaming scene by storm, selling over five million copies in just three days. A new take on the survival genre – blending mechanics similar to games like Minecraft with the ability to catch and fight alongside creatures reminiscent of Pokémon – it saw plenty of coverage from games journalists and influencers alike.

However, despite its lower age rating and popularity with young gamers, Palworld has been criticised for its reliance on shock humour – touching on topics including animal abuse and sweatshop labour – and as a game featuring online multiplayer, one can expect certain safety concerns to arise. This Wake Up Wednesday guide dives into the risks of Palworld, offering expert tips on how to safeguard children who simply want to enjoy the game.

If you have any questions or concerns about Online Safety, please contact the school office.