Welcome back to our weekly #WakeUpWednesday Online Safety post where each week you will find a guide on a topical Online Safety issue.

This week’s guide looks at live streaming.

Like a lot of digital services, live streaming really found its niche during the pandemic – think of Joe Wicks’ at-home fitness classes, Billie Eilish’s virtual gigs and Miley Cyrus’ chat show, for example. Real-time broadcasting of video content over the internet isn’t solely the province of celebrities, however: anyone with a device and something to say (or show) can take part.

With platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and Twitch all offering routes to a vast online audience, young people have enthusiastically taken up the baton – streaming on subjects from gaming to sports to live shopping (yes, really!). Potentially having strangers among one’s viewers, though, is just one of many concerns. This #WakeUpWednesday guide has the key information.

Here is the guide:

If you have any questions or concerns about Online Safety, please contact the school office.