Trewern: gorge walk

What an adrenaline pumping, sock soaking day we have had, and we can’t wait to share our experience with you.

With the impressive Brecon Beacons as our back drop, and the sun lighting our way, we set out on our adventure. Our first task: the tunnel challenge. To our astonishment, we were instructed to navigate through to the other side – in the pitch darkness. This was no easy feat. It demanded bravery, focus and trust in our teammates to navigate our way out of the darkness. We triumphantly made through and celebrated with a picnic, while basking in the glorious sun. Next stop – the gorge walk!

We were introduced to the water with a tunnel crawl. Nervously, each member of the team crawled through as the freezing water filled our wellies. Thankfully, the sun was there to keep us warm on our trek.

The most exhilarating experience was the waterfall drop. We faced the roaring waterfall, scrambled over the moss covered rock and slid in to the icy waters of a crystal clear mountain river.  Rejuvenated by the thrill, we confidently completed the remainder of the gorge walk.