Day two of our residential trip to Trewern in Wales was packed with excitement and adventure, despite a bit of rain. Our children, divided into groups, tackled various activities that boosted their confidence and filled their day with fun.

Gorge Walking One group started with gorge walking, navigating rocky riverbeds and wading through pools. Initial nerves quickly turned into teamwork and enthusiasm, with everyone cheering each other on by the end.

Rock Climbing Another group faced the challenge of rock climbing. With each ascent, their confidence soared. Children who began the day with a fear of heights ended it with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Caving The caving group explored underground wonders, crawling and climbing through the dark maze. Trust and teamwork were key as they navigated the subterranean world, emerging with a sense of discovery and triumph.

Bushcraft The bushcraft group learned to build shelters, start fires, and forage for plants. These hands-on lessons in survival fostered creativity and collaboration, culminating in a campfire gathering to celebrate their achievements.

Throughout the day, the children’s joy and growing confidence were evident. Each activity pushed them beyond their comfort zones, and their excitement was contagious. We are incredibly proud of how amazing our children have been, supporting each other and embracing every challenge.

As we look forward to tomorrow’s adventures, we know our young explorers are ready for whatever comes next.