Trewern: we’ve arrived

As we drew closer to Trewern, the children absorbed the glorious green views, a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of London life. Once we arrived,  we were warmly welcomed by the gleaming sun and the friendly Trewern staff. The children bounded off the bus eager to explore their new home for the next few days. Excitement and chatter filled the dorms as the children picked their bunks and set up their beds.

There was little time for rest as we took on our first challenge: orienteering. A challenge for both the body and the mind. A sense of freedom filled the air as children scattered across the spacious fields navigating their maps, motivated to conquer the challenge. Using concentration, communication and teamwork skills children experienced how rewarding team work can be.

We have just finished a delightful three course meal, savoring each bite. Not long before our next activity – rock climbing. Watch this space for more updates.