Trewern Day 3: Orientering

The final day at Trewern for 5LJ and 5ZJ, and the children were ready to tackle their final challenge (besides the M25 on Friday night!)

After another scrumptious breakfast, orienteering commenced with the instructors assessing our map reading skill followed by a brief walk around the vast grounds of Trewern including: assault courses, horses grazing in a neighbouring field and spectacular views of the local landscape. Then the competition really started where we used our map and key to identify 10 landmarks around the grounds.

After just 40 minutes, Josh and Filip sprinted home to victory and were announced the overall winners of the challenge, closely followed by Simona and Daria in second place, and Eraldas and Eric coming third.

Unfortunately, our time has come to an end. Trewern has been unforgettable, with each of us coming away with memories, experiences and new friendships we will cherish forever.