Trewern Day 3: Orienteering

The final day at Trewern for 5A and 5F, and the children were determined to leave on a high!

A quick wash, a continental breakfast, a change into wet gear and off the children went with exuberant energy, to tackle the final challenge….orienteering! Benny and Wa Kuan were the overall winners of the challenge, closely followed by Grace and Arianna in second place, and Jessie and Lacey coming third.

With a bit of spare time on our hands, we played a game of football, captained by Ms. Akam and Ms. Feeney. Ms. Akam’s team came up trumps with four superb goals. We all celebrated with a dance in the warm sun.

Unfortunately, our time has come to an end. Trewern has been tremendous, with each of us coming away with memories and experiences we will cherish forever.

See you soon Monteagle…..