Trewern Day 2: The Long Way

After safety briefings in our teams, helmets and buoyancy suits fitted, we set out for the wonderful Brecon Beacons, seeking adventure! On route, we took in the fabulous views the mountains of Wales have to offer, as we slowly ascended the valleys, passing tranquil reservoirs.

Teamwork was essential in our first challenge of the day, at a two hundred year old railway tunnel, where we worked as a team to navigate through to the other side in darkness. At first we felt frightened, especially when the torch lights went out. It felt like your eyes were being super glued shut but really they were wide open! We then took turns to lead the way, working effortlessly as a team.

After lunch, it was time for the Gorge walk and us to explore the tricky mountain terrain, Bear Grylls style! We clambered  and scrambled through rocks, water and moss, continuously encouraging our team mates along the way. As the day progressed, so too did our confidence.

Although the water was freezing cold, we persevered and made sure we made it through. A tasty hot chocolate back in the mini bus warmed us up nicely as we descended the valleys back home.