Trewern Day 2: The Hike

Oh what an eventful and enjoyable day! After we had our helmets and buoyancy suits fitted, we set out on three mini busses, taking in the phenomenal views of the Brecon Beacons along the way.

Our first stop was a two hundred year old railway tunnel, where we worked as a team to navigate through to the other side in darkness. Above our heads hung icicles which sparkled like crystals. It was a captivating challenge, we had to rely on our teamwork skills to ensure we made it through to the other side.

Following our tunnel challenge, we tucked into our homemade sandwhiches, whilst absorbing the sun kissed landscape which surrounded us. Once our tummies were satisfied, we were ready to take on our next challenge….the Gorge walk. We felt like Bear Grylls, setting out into the wild Welsh terrain, ready to take on any obstacle that came in our way. We clambered and scrambled through rocks, water, snow and ice, continuously encouraging our team mates along the way. As the day progressed, so too did our confidence.

A highlight of the walk, was the thrilling slide through the tunnels! Although the water was freezing cold, we perservered and made sure we made it through. Laughter echoed as children slid confidently into the awaiting pool of water. Travelling back to Trewern on the bus, children were heard discussing the enthralling adventures of the day. Once we arrived, a hot shower and scrumptious roast dinner brought our tired limbs back to life, ready for the evening activities! Bright all around….