Times Tables Champions

The first ever ‘English National Maths Week’ took place last week.  As part of the celebration of all things maths, TT Rock Stars ran a competition.

Monteagle had great success.  The children at Monteagle answered a total of 859,851 questions correctly over the 6-day competition.  This was the sixth best in the country (over 300 schools took part)

Well done to 6D who answered on average 10,073 questions correctly per child and was the highest placed class in Monteagle!  Their score made them come 19th out of over 18,000 classes who took part in the competition.

Even better, the children are getting quicker at recalling their times tables.  14 children were presented with badges in today’s Celebration Assembly celebrating their ‘Rock Hero’ status.  They can answer any multiplication question in under 1 second.

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