The Photographers’ Gallery

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, classes 5NK and 5LC went into central London to visit The Photographers’ Gallery.  There we saw a real, working Camera Obscura, projecting images of the street outside onto a screen within the gallery.  It was very exciting to see and hear how one of the first ever cameras worked.  Even though the image was upside down (because that’s how it projects – it translates), we could still see the images clearly.  We also learned that the distance of the screen makes a difference to the focus of the object.  We had to move the distant screen nearer the camera obscura until the image of the street outside was crystal clear. We continued to move it closer and lost the focus!

We then made our very own camera obscuras.  Sadly, we had to pack away for our return to school… but not until we had eaten our lunch!  Sat amongst the hustle and bustle of central London, we took our well deserved break before heading back to school.

We had a brilliant day and learned a lot.  5SR will go on the same visit on Monday 6th June –  a great start to the last half term for them!5NK (3) 5NK (8) 5NK (16)5NK - stock