The Great, the Bold and the Brave

As part of our IPC topic, year five will be exploring the Romans in Britain. To awaken our curiosity, we made 3D Roman inspire buildings. Before we started, we enjoyed looking at the fabulous remains that still exist around the world today: the Colosseum, the temple of Jupitar and the Roman Baths in Bath. It was fascinating to explore the architectural features like arches and pillars. Like true historians, we were able to find out key information about how the Romans liked to spend thier time.
In pairs, we eagerly set to designing our Roman buildings. When it came to the construction of our designs, we quickly realised that problem solving is a key aspect to the design process, and without accurate measurements, the structure becomes unstable. It was a wonderful way to enter into the unit, and we can’t wait to find out more about the magnificent Romans.

out the Roman Empire and their impression of the Britain.