The Barking Stink.

Year 4 are very excited to be involved in The Barking Stink, A Thames Festival Trust Heritage Project.

We are helping artist Josh Knowles with some illustrations, which are going to be used in some animated educational films.

Josh started by showing us an example of some of his previous work.  (See below – Hampton the Butterfly)

Josh then explained that the films  we are helping with, are going to be about the history and smells of Barking Creek. We thought about how smells could be illustrated, how they made us feel (nice and not so nice smells), what they make us think of and possible sound effects for the smells. After some discussion, we then got onto painting and creating some collages of smells.

Our pictures are going to be turned into animations. We look forward to seeing the finished films. You will be able to  see the films online and visit the exhibition at Valence House Museum from 25th August to 6th November and London Southbank from 25th August to 6th October.

More information on the project can be found at