Teach Meet Create event at Monteagle

Yesterday, over 30 delegates from across the borough made their way to Monteagle to attend a Teach, Meet, Create networking event in our art studio. Over 20 arts school leaders of learning were represented last night. We also had representatives from Barking and Dagenham College, as well as Valence House Museum, Studio 3 and Bow Arts Trust. The event was co-hosted with Eastbury community  school.

The atmosphere was buzzing, as people began to assemble and network. The session included a question series, where groups were moving around the room to talk about what they are doing at their own schools but also to engage in more collaborative discussions about putting on a wider event across the borough. We also discussed the upcoming Inspire Festival and delegates were able to talk about what they were doing within their hubs.

The evening concluded with raffle prizes, goody bags, a tour of our fantastic music building, and the various art murals across the school. We had overwhelmingly positive feedback from our evaluation forms, and the consensus is that we will work towards a larger event, giving more time for our delegates to network and begin to set things in place at their schools or cross schools on collaborative projects.

We want to thank all our amazing sponsors for the event:

NUT/NEU Barking and Dagenham Division
Index Business Supplies
Bloomsbury Books
Tate Modern
Teachers Packs Plus

Check out the photos below: