Family Activities

As we will all be spending much more time indoors with our families, it can be difficult to think of things to do to keep everyone engaged. We have put together a list of things that can be done easily from home. Have a go this week and send us through some photos, we want to stay up to date with what you are all up too.

(Possible) Indoor Activities:

  1. Baking
  2. Uno
  3. Clay
  4. Colour/letter/number matching games
  5. Cosmic Yoga
  6. Bingo
  7. Arts & crafts (start saving those cereal boxes and toilet rolls now!) Look around the internet for inspiration for ‘junk modelling’
  8. Home made putty with cornflour and water
  9. Discos
  10. Board games
  11. Decorate plain caps/t-shirts
  12. Playdoh (you can also make your own if you look online for simple ‘recipes’)
  13. Pillowcase races (hard floors only!)
  14. Cooking challenges
  15. Role play – set up your own museums, shops or vets etc.
  16. Cinema (netflix!) afternoons
  17. Make your own slime
  18. Hair & make up pamper days
  19. Make your own sensory areas/dens
  20. Make towers using jenga, dominoes or duplo
  21. Marble runs. Using official equipment or junk modelling your own runs – how far can you make a marble travel?
  22. Hangman
  23. Pictionary
  24. Experiment making different ice lollies (you might want it to warm up a fraction first!)
  25. Decorate plant pots before planting seeds
  26. Build a cardboard car or robot
  27. Make paper aeroplanes and them race them
  28. Work on jobs/chores together and encourage children to take responsibility for their own areas
  29. Make cards to send to elderly relatives, neighbours or friends. People who might not be able to get out at the minute and who will be missing company

(Possible) Outdoor Activities:

  1. Skipping ropes – both individually and in pairs
  2. Homemade hopscotch zones (using chalk?)
  3. Nature spotting – keeping a diary/journal to note what you have spotted, where and when etc.
  4. Painting walls or fence with water (you might want it to warm up a fraction first!)
  5. Make a wormery, snail farm or slug zoo
  6. Nature crafts with collected leaves or sticks
  7. Make/decorate bird feeders and make/use an identification table
  8. Chalk (decorate) your fences or patio areas
  9. Sand and water play (once it is warmer!)
  10. Make small worlds outdoors. Contact local garages as they often have used old tyres they are happy to give away for free and these make great additions to any outdoor play area.

More than anything else, look out for each other and please follow the government’s advice at all times.