This week, Reception year children have been learning to do some exceptional Maths. In Maths, they have learning to add two single digits together. Children first practised adding by jumping on the number line and then writing their calculations using the, ‘+’ plus sign and ‘=’ equal to sign in their number sentence correctly.
In Literacy, children first sequenced their own story which was based on,’’Lost and Found’ book written by Oliver Jeffers. They practised writing their own sentences for the beginning, middle and ending of their story.
In EAD, children created their own dancing penguin using split pins. This fun activity was enjoyed by all.
In UW, children learnt the importance of maps and then made their own maps. Children also learnt to use the bee bots and program the bee bot to move and reach a certain destination which as a group all had pre- decided. It was interesting to see so many children trying to use the bee bots, sometimes by trial and error and some accurately followed the instructions and ensured that the bee bots followed the route and reach the goal accurately.
Overall, this week all the children persevered and learnt some new activities. Reception children had a great time while actively participating in all their areas of learning.