Student Forum Election

On Monday the 11th of February,  Monteagle will host it’s first whole school election to elect ten candidates to the Student Forum. We are committed to upholding the Democratic process, with all children exercising their right to vote in the election next week. The forum will be a central body at Monteagle, representing the student’s voice and organising campaigns to enhance our school community.

We have had a fantastic turnout for the election, with over thirty children putting themselves forward. Over the past three weeks, candidates have attended weekly workshops: developing their manifesto and taking part in an election video.  On the school playground, it is great to see children canvasing and promoting their wonderful ideas. This Friday we will host a hustings at achievement assemble, where the children will have the chance to ask their candidates questions about their plans for Student Forum.

Below are the candidates who took part in the election video.