Year 5 Sports Day

Monteagle was full of energy on Tuesday, when excited year five pupils piled onto the field for a fun-filled day of sports and activities. Longbridge, Eastbury, Mayesbrook and Becontree were determined to get their hands on the trophee. A rainbow of pupils dressed in an array of House colours took their places in their stations and prepared for the sporting challenges ahead.

With the sun lighting up the field, and cheers of parents echoing in the background, the children approached each sporting station with enthusiasm.

The afternoon arrived, and, after what felt like weeks of waiting, Sports Day was rapidly drawing to a close. Eastbury ended with a magnificent score and winning the overall competition.

There was laughter, there were cheers, and there was a lot of running, but, in the end, Sports Day 2018 will be remembered as a year of  competition, exemplary sporting endeavours and glorious sunshine.