Spiral Sculptures

Over the past few weeks, children in year 5 have been learning about containers and vessels. We have looked at a variety of artists such as Kate Malone for our inspiration. The children did observational drawings of their vessels, and after this they created 3D versions of their sculptures using card stock paper.  We studied weaving and braiding techniques to fold the paper. This week the children used clay to create their vessels.

The children used a very old technique where small spirals are created and then attached to each other using clay. These spirals are then built together to form a base. Once the base is complete and is thick enough, the children used the same technique but made the spirals thinner and then continued to go attach the pieces together to create height to their sculptures.

Once dry, these will be painting and a light glaze will be applied to create the effect that they have been baked in a kiln. Check out some of the images of the children preparing their clay.