This term we are using ‘soundscapes’ as our curriculum focus in year 2. We will be exploring different existing ‘soundscapes’ along the way and investigating how and why they have been made.

This week we began our journey by studying a famous piece of artwork called ‘Surprised!’ by an artist called Henri Rousseau. It was painted in the late 1800s.

We looked at the picture in great detail and using our imagination, attempted to create a ‘soundscape’ of what we thought you might be able to hear if you were actually inside the world of the painting.

The children had to be very clever, as we were only able to use body percussion and our voices to replicate the possible sounds. This was a challenge, but I am sure you will agree they did very well!

Try and spot the different sounds you can pick up from our performance – what do you think the children are trying to sound like?