Snacktacular – Grand Opening

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. We have a brand new, exciting, healthy tuck shop opening in school. And it will be run by us: YEAR 3! A small group of children have been chosen to represent the year group and sell some healthy snacks to you and your children.

It is our business which we have created and designed from the ground up to help raise money, which we can then use to buy more stock and carry on our business for future years. Now, the important information:

It will be held EVERY WEDNESDAY in the Quiet Area just outside Year 2.

it will be open between 3:10 and 3:30, so you only have 20 minutes to get in and grab some juicy snacks.

All items are just 50p to buy!

Take a look at our tuck shop leaders and picture of some of the items we are selling below.

Please come and have a look and help us to keep our business afloat, we would gain some excellent business skills which will teach us so many new skills for our future.

Thank You! we hope to see you there! The Year 3 team.