Snacktacular has arrived!

Snacktacular, the healthy tuck shop run by Year 3, is now open again.

At the end of the Autumn Term, the children were asked to apply for positions within our ethical business.  Their applications were considered by staff, who selected the successful applicants for positions such as marketing manager, finance manager and business director.  Those children who were unsuccessful this time with their applications, have been offered a role selling snacks.

This project forms part of the Service Learning that we provide here at Monteagle Primary School, which sees children from each year group taking on roles that benefit their friends and family, the school and the community we belong to.  The children of Year 3 are responsible for setting up and running a business that offers the pupils, parents/carers and staff of our school, healthy snack alternatives.  All products cost 50p and any profit the children make will be used for a deserving project within school, for example improving playground equipment.

We hope you can come along each week and support us – get saving your pocket money for special healthy treat!