Singing at home

At Monteagle, we love singing, dancing and playing music. We always try to sing songs that are popular, uplifting and leave us with a “feel good” shine.

Below are youtube links to some of our favourite songs, why not try singing some at home?

Always remember to warm up your voices and bodies before singing. If there is more than one of you, why don’t you take turns leading the warm up?

Here’s an easy warm up to do at home:

Start with shoulder and neck rolls, light stretching. Open you mouth as wide as you can, then scrunch it up as tight as you can (repeat as many times as you want!).

Imagine a rope is pulling you up by the very top of your head, and roll your shoulders forward up and back.

Take a deep belly breath in and release it as slow as you can on a “sss”, and then another breath releasing as fast as you can on a “shhh”. Try some “horsy lip” roller coasters going up and down your vocal range. Then some “ng” roller coasters, before using open vowel sounds “ah” and “woah” to roller coster.

Then try some fun tongue twisters. Once secure, try saying each five times (fast if you can!):

Sally sells sea shells be the sea shore.

Red leather, yellow leather.

Betty bought butter, but the butter was bitter, so Betty but better butter to make the bitter butter better (this one is tough).

Now you are ready to do some singing!