In Science, we explored how high and low sounds are made, and spot any patterns when looking at how different instruments can create sounds of different pitches. We carried out three different activities using string, percussion and wind instruments and took notes of any observations about how the sounds change.

After the observation, we noticed that on a string instrument, the tighter, thinner or shorter the string is, the higher pitched the sound will be and the looser, thicker or longer the string is, the lower the sound will be.

On a wind instrument, the column of air inside the instrument is
what vibrates to cause the sound. We noticed that shortening the column of air created a higher sound, and lengthening the column of air created a lower sound.

In a percussion instrument, the surface or object that is struck is the thing that vibrates to create the sound. We noticed that the shorter the bar or key, the higher the pitch.

Take a look at some of the pictures from our sound investigation…