Roman Day

On Tuesday, November 24th, Year 4 experienced a day in the life of a Roman. We dressed in typical Roman clothing and took part in a variety of Roman activities.

The day began when, in the Key Stage 2 hall, we were met by a man named Craig who was dressed as a Roman! He explained our activities which included making Roman medicine, making an oil lamp out of clay, a mosaic, writing a letter using a feather quill and making our very own ink! We even got to choose what activities we wanted to do which made the day even more fun.

Craig, the Roman man, also warned us of Boudicca attacking and that we had to guard the hall and keep watch for her! It was all so exciting!

After lunch, we took part in a typical Roman banquet. We were separated into groups, where some children were dancers,  servants, soldiers and actors. The servants served up wine, bread, cheese, apples and grapes. It was all so tasty! After each course, the children took turns to perform to the classmates their dance, play or poem. It really was quite an extraordinary day.