Roald Dahl – ‘Gobblefunk’ words

Roald Dahl was well known for many things and to celebrate his life and work our classes designed some of our very own ‘Gobblefunk’ words. These are made up words which he included in some of his stories – when he decided that there were no existing words up to the job.

Here are some examples of his creativity that you may have already heard :

  • ‘Hopscotchy’ –┬áThis means cheerful! The BFG says that a few gulps of frobscottle (a fizzy drink) always make him feel hopscotchy
  • ‘Whizzpopping’ – Gas released from a bottom is called whizzpopping in Gobblefunk
  • ‘Delumptious’ –┬áNext time you’re having your favourite dinner, you can say it’s delumptious. This word means delicious.

We had a great time creating our own versions and some of us even tried to create new words to describe our school’s 5 golden virtues, in an even more imaginative way.