Retracing Ted, Kat and Salim’s walk

This term we are reading a book called ‘The London Eye Mystery’ by Siobhan Dowd.  It tells the story of Ted and Kat.  Their cousin, Salim, comes to stay and they decide to take him on the London Eye.  When they get to the London Eye a stranger offers them a free ticket and Salim flies the London Eye on his own.  Ted and Kat watch Salim as he enters a capsule, the wheel rotates, but when it comes down Salim is nowhere to be seen.

On Wednesday we travelled up to London to retrace Ted, Kat and Salim’s walk. We left the train at Embankment Station, walked across the Golden Jubilee bridge to the London Eye.  After lunch and a play, we walked along the South Bank past Festival Hall, The National Theatre, under Blackfriars Train Station to the Tate Modern.  This is the route the three children would have taken if Salim hadn’t gone missing.

Dinally we walked over the Millennium Bridge, around St Paul’s Cathedral and took the train back to school.  We all had an enjoyable day and got back without a blister on a single foot!

Watch this space to see whether Ted and Kat uncover the mystery of Salim’s disappearance.