RE Day – ‘Good’ vs ‘Bad’ Roleplay

On R.E day we were learning about all different religions and their beliefs and traditions.

For one of the activities, we were looking at ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’ in stories, and wanted the children to act out a short story showing whether in their story; ‘good triumphs over evil’ or whether ‘evil triumphs over good’.

We linked this activity to a short story we read relating to a Hindu story known as ‘The Story of Holika and Prahlad’. This story is about a boy named Prahlad, whose father wanted to be known as a God. However, Prahlad refused to worship his father and worship Vishnu, a real God.

In this story, it explained how Vishnu protected Prahlad from a number of dangerous attempts from Prahlad’s father to kill him for not worshipping him instead. His sister, Holika, also tried to harm Prahlad for not worshipping their father by making him stand with her in a bonfire, but once again, Vishnu saved Prahlad and his sister died in the fire instead.

Vishnu eventually killed the Demon King and Prahlad became ruler.

This story showed how good conquered bad, which is what we wanted the children to capture within their role play stories. Here is an example of a group performing their very own good vs bad story.