This week, Year 1 had an exciting RE day where we delved into the fascinating world of Sikhism. We were enthralled to discover various aspects of this religion which helped us understand how Sikhs show their belonging to Sikhism.

To begin, we immersed ourselves in the Amrit ceremony, an important ritual for Sikhs. We learned about the significance of this ceremony and how it plays a vital role in the Sikh community. It was truly captivating to explore the rituals and traditions associated with this event.

Another intriguing part of our exploration was understanding the concept of the 5ks, which are integral to Sikh identity. We familiarised ourselves with the significance of each of the Five Ks and were mesmerized by how they symbolize Sikh values and beliefs.

In addition, we had the opportunity to delve into the Sikh naming ceremony. This gave us a chance to not only learn about the rituals involved, but also discover the meanings behind our own names. We compiled a class name book, capturing the significance and uniqueness of each of our names.

Overall, RE day provided an enriching experience for Year 1, expanding our understanding of Sikhism and its customs. We thoroughly enjoyed exploring Sikh rituals, traditions, and values, and it was truly a memorable journey of learning.