Printmaking patterns

Children in year 3 have been looking at patterns over the last term. They have created their own patterns using safety foam print sheets.

Today they got to print their designs, these were the steps that we came up with together:

  1. Choose your colour
  2. Put your chosen colour on the ink tray
  3. Use the ink roller to roll out the ink
  4. Make sure that the ink is even across the tray
  5. Check that your roller is evenly covered with ink
  6. Roll the ink onto your sheet
  7. Once you have the desired amount of ink use a partner to help you with the next step
  8. Get your partner to get a piece of clean paper
  9. Place the inked up foam sheet in the middle of your paper
  10. Using a smaller roller, press onto the back of the foam sheet
  11. Have your partner hold down the piece of paper while you peel off the foam sheet
  12. Remove your print and put on the drying rack

Check out some photos of the children working through this process: