Praise for our school

There’s been a buzz in school this term and we’ve tracked it’s source to the learning activity our children are engaged in. Across the school, in every classroom, the teachers have asked the children to work harder and strive further than ever before, and the children have responded magnificently. Excitement and engagement are absolute, progress is maximised and the children are producing wonderful work.

It is the case however that when teachers and children are so busy we can forget to stop, look around and appreciate the strides that have been made. It’s been lovely therefore to receive confirmation of our success from teaching colleagues outside the school.

A couple of weeks ago the school was visited by six headteachers from neighbouring schools, chaperoned by Eleanor Taylor, Barking and Dagenham’s senior school improvement advisor. Together they completed a learning walk across the school. In the report written following the visit, the headteachers made the following comments:

‘… purposeful, work-like atmosphere throughout the school … attractive displays line the corridors, showing high-quality outcomes from study, complementing the working displays seen within the classrooms [that] showed impressive pupil-led outcomeshigh level of interaction between learners and teachers [with] outcomes achieved through effective discussion and active learning throughout the school from Nursery to Year 6. The children remained on-task and engaged despite the number of adults entering their classroom [and] in discussion with the adults, children showed commitment and curiosity.’

One colleague commented on the consistent feel of team-working across each year group and the cohesive ethos that permeates the school. She likened the school to ‘a ship that’s found its course and is sailing full-steam in that direction‘.

All in school were incredibly happy to receive such praise. I know you’ll feel the same pride in our children’s achievements.

And that’s not all, following on from this we were visited by Dr. Helen Jenner, Barking and Dagenham’s Director of Children’s Services, who took time out to  drop into classrooms and speak with children and adults in school about their experience of learning. I’m sure you’ll be equally pleased to read the letter she sent reflecting on the visit:


What an affirming letter. And what a nice end to a busy term.

I do hope you all have a wonderful break, and to those of you celebrating, a very happy Christmas.