Poetry Writing – ‘Beginning’

In English this week we have been planning and learning more about writing a poem. We have learnt that poetry can be as random as you want it to be. It can rhyme, or not rhyme. It can make sense, or make no sense at all!

What we have learnt most about writing poetry is to have fun with it. We were trying to link our poetry writing to the book we are currently looking at called ‘Belonging’, written by Jeannie Baker.

Firstly, we had to plan our poem based around the first and last picture of the story. We had to consider what had happened to the main character, what was happening in the background, and how life had changed from beginning to end. We worked in groups to plan our poem, using sentences and phrases to help each other create a poetic plan.

Finally, we wrote out our poem into our books and edited our work to make it even more fun that it was to begin with.

Below are two examples of our poetry work, written by Yusra in 3CL, Ayden in 3JL and Ameena in 3O.