Parent Workshop

This week, Alison Livemore held a parent training workshop to identify the systems used at Phoenix in supporting children in transitions, reading and at the workstation.

The workshop discussed how SCERTS is to be used as a framework which enables a range of interventions to be used in a holistic approach to autism (e.g. TEACCH, S&L, Intensive Interaction, Sensory Integration, etc).  SCERTS is taught within aspects of the National Curriculum at Phoenix.  As children begin to move successfully through the SCERTS programme, they will be able to more fully access other curriculum areas.

The session then moved on to how we use the different communication stages within SCERTS to support the children in transitions, at the workstation and reading.

Some parental feedback includes:

Parent 1: ” Thank you so much for this. It’s just what I needed.”

Parent 2: “This was very useful.”

Parent 3: “I know how to set a workstation up in my home.”

Parent 4: “I didn’t know I have to sit opposite him when modelling how to read- thank you!”