My Art

We have been looking at brass rubbing art!

The children have been making their own stained glass windows by copying and contining a pattern using two colours or two shapes, using wax, chalks or pastels.

The process included:

Returning to a textured collage, collect all sorts a material that might make for an interesting variation of textures, such as string, laces, corrugated cardboard, (very small bubble) bubble wrap, hessian etc. Glue onto a firm square or rectangular board and allow to dry.

Take the three primary colours and pour one of them into a shallow tray. Using a roller, roll a single colour over the collage and then take a print from it onto a much larger piece of paper. Allow to dry, then repeat using a different primary colour. Talk about positive and negative spaces to allow for what’s not there as well as what is there. Think about overlapping the primary colours to produce faint secondary colours.