Well another year has passed and once again sports day was upon us. All year groups took part and competed in a fun filled event. Parents added to the celebratory atmosphere and gave support to their child and others by wearing house colours and making banners. Classes also made banners, flags and sang songs to support and cheer on one another.

All houses made each day a close run affair, with some outstanding performances and excellent displays of team work. Events such as the obstacle race and sack race were fiercely fought for, each filled with drama. The parent races brought a smiles to everyone’s face, especially year 5 as winner Mr Thompson thrilled the crowed with his blistering pace. All races gave parents and pupils a positive memory to take home with them.

All events were organised and run by year 6 sports leaders who ensured every one walked away feeling that they had enjoyed the day and watched whoever they came to support have a good time.

Thank you to everyone that came, it was a good show of community spirit and appreciation for one and all at Monteagle.