This week Reception children have been introduced a new book, ‘Lost and Found’, written by Oliver Jeffers. Lost and Found is a simple tale about a boy and a penguin and their growing friendship. One day the penguin just turns up at the boy’s house and the boy presumes he is lost. The boy takes him to the lost and found office. Once they reach the office he discovers that no one is missing a penguin. The boy then goes on a journey to try and find out where the penguin has come from. The non -expressional penguin is taken back to the south pole by the boy as he believes that was what it wanted. As the boy floats away, he realises the penguin looks sadder than before, so returns but finds it gone. Actually, the penguin has also been at sea looking for the boy too. The two are finally reunited and tell tales to each other all the way home.

All children joined in with the whole class reading sessions and enjoyed going though the illustrations.. All tried to sharpen their skills for designing and making their own boats. After making their own boats, they went outdoors and used the water trough to test whether their boats could float in the water and not sink. They enjoyed being creative as many children designed their own South pole drawings with penguins and glaciers. They also had the experience of writing their own sentences about the boy and the penguin. Some children wrote fantastic sentences describing the boy’s and the penguin’s feelings. This week, the children were encouraged to write their words by blending their sounds and then to read their words / sentences to others. All the children enjoyed their creative and writing activities.

Take a look at the photos and you will surely agree that all the Reception children have been working very hard this week!