Lion King residential

Today, in preparation and anticipation of a chance to watch the Lion King at the Lyceum theater, the children in Year 4 visited Pineapple Studios.  Children worked in groups with professional dancers and actors from the show, pacing out some of the routines they would see later on stage. The children had a fab time being gazelles, antelopes and zebras; they didn’t not want to leave. By the end of the session they had danced and sang the opening number of the show. As they left, the children peered into the studio next door, where members of the Royal Ballet were rehearsing for their latest production- what a bench mark to aspire to!

Just before we left, the dancer and actor who worked with the children today said he could not believe eight year olds could be so well behaved and another said they were stars.

Heading out of the studios, it was onto other things: Drury Lane, into Convent Garden and onto the Lyceum theater where we were able to take some fantastic photos before the crowd got there; next St Martins in the field for a water break and onto Trafalgar Square where they could see Nelson’s Column and Big Ben; from here they walked through Leicester Square and arrived at Planet Hollywood.

Inside Planet Hollywood the children choose to sit in the James Bond area and tucked contentedly into Mammoth burgers.

Well fed, they headed to the show. Throughout the two and a half  hour performance they children made not a sound – they were transfixed. At the end of the performance a member of the public came up to Mr. Austin, shook his hand, and said ‘your children are golden!’

Back at the hostel the children settled down for bed and dreams of West End super-stardom.

What a great day!