Le boulanger & l’aquarium

After an early morning start, the children were soon sat down devouring their croissants and bowls of cereal in preparation for a busy day ahead.

They started the morning at a traditional boulangerie. The children got to see first hand at close proximity some of the different variety of breads that are prepared and baked. They then got a glimpse inside the 26 year old fire oven and Bruno – the master baker – allowed the children the opportunity to taste some, warm and fresh out of the oven before they left. He even gave them all a delicious pain au chocolat to take away: c’était délicieux. We had barely made the 500m back to the coach before these pastries had all disappeared – just like magic!

We left the bakery and ate our lunch en route to Nausicaa (Europe’s largest aquarium in Boulogne-sur-Mer). The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves here and were able to see a huge variety of water dwelling creatures. 3 hours passed quickly and it was soon time to head back to our hotel for some well deserved poulet et frites before getting ready to go to the seaside.