KS1 – Poetry Recital

Over the last few weeks, a select bunch of children have been diligently practising 3 poems, in preparation for today!

As part of the Barking & Dagenham ‘Inspire Festival’ 2017 , we entered the children into a poetry competition. Each school that entered had to perform 3 poems; 1 compulsory, 1 selected from a choice of 6 and 1 poem you felt had a connection to your school. The poems we performed were:

1. Everything’s Better With You, by J. Dean (Compulsory)

2. Dirty Face, by S. Silverstein (Selected)

3. Try try again, by T.H. Palmer (Our personal choice – it links perfectly to our school’s ‘Golden Virtue’ – perseverance)

This afternoon, a judge from the English Learning Team for Barking & Dagenham, came into school to watch and judge our performance. The children excelled themselves and performed their poems the best they had ever done so.

We need to wait until Friday 23rd June or possibly even Monday 26th June, to find out whether or not our performance today was good enough to get us through to the ‘FINAL’ at Ripple Primary school on Thursday 6th July.

Whatever the outcome, we are all so grateful the children for their dedication with practising.

Attached is a video of their final rehearsal (they did not take their words with them for the performance to the judge). I’m sure you’ll agree that they have done KS1 in Monteagle, moreover our entire school, super proud! Enjoy