‘Circles ‘ Key Stage 2 song

This weeks’ Key Stage 2 song is ‘Circles’ by Post Malone. Please only use the Youtube link below to access the kids friendly version of the song.

Make sure to use the warm up video to prepare your voice, body and mind for singing. If you don’t know the song, give it a listen before joining in. Once you have sung the song a couple of times, why not try some of these additional activities?

Try adding your own actions or dance moves to the song.

If singing with someone else, divide the verses in to solos and sing the chorus’ together. Can you try to sing the chorus in harmony?

Try writing your own version of the song by changing the lyrics, melody or rhythm (or all three)!

Write an additional verse, or a rap to add to the song.

If you can, record or film your version of ‘Circles’ and send to your year group email.