Julius Caesar comes to life at Shoreditch Town Hall Theatre

Since the summer, a group of year six children have been rehearsing and preparing for a performance at Shoreditch Town Hall theatre for the Schools Shakespeare Festival.

With a large cast of 28 children, they really showed their perseverance in learning their lines, and came together last night to perform Julius Caesar in front of over two hundred people. It has been a very long journey these past months, and the children should be extremely proud of their accomplishments and achievement.

We also got the opportunity to watch two other companies (from secondary schools) perform their own adaptations of Romeo & Juliet, and The Tempest.

At the end of the night, we all gathered on stage for an appraisal. The directors loved our use of the stage, which included a variety of blocking and freeze frames (tableaux). They enjoyed the death scene of Caesar at the top of the balcony as well.

Once again a huge congratulations to the cast of Julius Caesar. Check out the photos below of their performance.