Hip Hop Artist Visits Year 6

Year 6 took part in a workshop with London based hip-hop artist, WondrWomn today! WondrWomn has performed at venues and festivals across London and combines rap with jazz infused, hip hop beats. She recently recieved the ‘People Powered Culture’ mayor of London award for her work running a recording studio for 16-25 year-olds in Tottenham.

WondrWomn focused on helping students improve their writing and performance skills. These include: rhyming words, rhythm and projection. She also talked about how music can be a positive way of expressing opinions and emotions. She encouraged students to chose themes about positivity and unity. Students then tried out their rapping skills, using the beats they have composed on Garage Band in music class.

Check out some of our raps here:

And check out WondrWomn’s amazing performance!